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3D Printed Art for Men/Women 330MSTKZ

Mask 1
Mask 2
Mask 3
Mask 4
2pcs filter


Gender: Unisex

Size: One Size

Material : Nylon + Spandex

Package: Bag

One size fits, suitable for most people to protect the face.
The material is soft, comfortable to wear, feels good, and the effect of warming is very good.
According to the design of the face of the person, it covers the lower part of the nose and the bridge of the nose. It is fixed with an aluminum sheet to prevent it from slipping. There is a vent hole in the mouth and a Velcro on the back neck.
Suitable for motorcycles, electric bike riders, Wargame, skiing, mountaineering, and other outdoor and extreme sports enthusiasts.

1. Light and comfortable, can also be used alone
2. Stylish design
3. Long-term use without deformation
4. Exhaust valves installed on both sides of the mask automatically open and close, no air leakage, good filtering effect, not sweltering and foggy
5. The fabric feels delicate, soft and flexible

1. Put the mask on the bridge of the nose and chin
2. The back of the mask is fixed with a Velcro
3. A malleable aluminum nose bridge clip is installed on the bridge of the nose, which can be adjusted according to different face and nose shapes of each person, suitable for various face shapes, high density
4. Check if it is suitable. Cover your face with your hands and breathe hard to see if air can flow.
5. Adjust the tightness of the mask by adjusting the Velcro on the back

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