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Gorgeous 12-Sided Wooden Desk Calendar 2019

12-Sided Wooden Desk Calendar is a beautiful wooden polyhedra 2019 calendar, designed with mathematical precision, hand-finished.  It is a tactile, three-dimensional object that combines functionality and contemporary design.

Beautifully made, nicely weighted and a joy to hold in the hand; This wooden calendar is a product made for those who value the fusion of craft, technology and design.  It would be a welcome addition to any home or workplace and would make a fantastically unique and beautiful gift. Feel free to interact with the calendar on the right and give it a spin for yourself.

It became a design informed by both the knowledge of the past and the vision of the future; traditional woodworking and the mathematical precision of laser engraving technology.

The result is a beautiful wooden dodecahedron (12 sided to you and me!) calendar made from timber sourced from sustainably managed forests around the world.

Dimensions: 96mm x 92mm x 80mm
Weight: 300g

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